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Copper is a 12 year old Haflinger gelding that found a new home with Catherine and Mark.  Copper has settled in as a trusty trail horse for Mark who is a beginning rider.  Testing out an Equine Trail Sports competition may not be too far out in the future!  Good luck Mark and Copper.


Smokey is an 8 year old Thoroughbred gelding that came off the track.  We schooled him for around 6 months and found him a new home with Julie who is enjoying his progress as a Hunter Jumper.  Best of luck with your new owner Smokey!


Lucy is an 8 year old AQHA mare that found a new home with Riley.  Turns out that Lucy is a perfect match for his team of horses that pull the Wells Fargo Stagecoach at parades and rodeos.  According to Riley, she loves her new job as the Nye of the team.


Teddy is an 8 year old AQHA gelding that found a home with Patti on her new Mini Ranch.  Patti loves trail riding on Teddy when she takes a break from mucking stalls and taking care of all of her animals.

Big Jim and T.J.

Jim and T.J. enjoy their life of luxury on Chuck and Marilyn’s mini ranch at the base of the Superstition mountains.  When things start heating up in the spring they load up and head to their place in Ruidoso New Mexico.  Hope you can handle the stress and work load Jim and T.J. !!!!!!


Hollywood is a 12 year old AQHA gelding that found a great home with Tammy.  Here is Tammy’s last text giving us an update. “We are doing GREAT! He’s the love of my life.  He is so happy.  In fact, he is the boss of the pasture. He’s got his BF Johnny, the little mini …


Max is a 10 year old Registered Haflinger gelding.  Max and his owner Eddie have been working together with plans to move to Northern Arizona.  Eddie looks forward to riding Max in the endless miles of Mountain trails.   Happy Trails Max and Eddie!!!


Cosmo is an 8 year old registered Haflinger Gelding.  Cosmo enjoys his days being ridden on the trails with his retired owners who pretty much ride him every day even though they are in their late 70’s.  In their latest update they say he is bombproof with everything except the barn tractor.  He still does …


Mickey is an 8 year old registered Haflinger Gelding.  He and his owner Catherine have developed a great relationship, and both have learned a lot about each other.  This was a recent text update from Catherine.  “Hey I just wanted to give you an update on Mickey!  You have seen us from day one.  We …


Sundance is an 8 year old registered Haflinger that found the perfect home with Denise.  Once her grandkids get a little older Denise plans on spending more time riding Sundance with hopes of eventually trying her hand at Cowboy Dressage.  For now, she loves sitting with her grandkids in the breezeway of her barn watching …